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Culture, the attitudes, and behaviors of a group drive the success of any team or organization and the culture is driven by its leadership. The first step of culture development is taken when leadership casts the vision for what they want their team or organization to be. 


Amplify Your Culture, an interactive workshop to energize your team using principles of positive leadership is a great way to ignite the culture development transformation. This two hour interactive workshop is filled with proven culture shaping principles and practices used by business leaders, coaches, and leadership experts that can be applied in any organization to develop a positive team environment. 


  • A strong culture drives deeper commitment from your team.

  • Strengthens your brand from the inside out. 

  • Positive culture greatly increases the long-term success of any organization.

  • A detailed action plan that is created by you and your team.


  • ​Explore the impacts of positive leadership on an organization and its culture.

  • You and your team will cast a vision for what you want your culture to be. 

  • Discuss the current status of your culture - strengths, challenges, and opportunities for change.

  • An interactive professional development activity for your organization. 

  • The workshop focuses on proven culture-shaping principles and practices that any team can implement.

  • Customized workshop to reflect the needs of your organization.

  • The workshop can be structured into a series of shorter sessions to promote ongoing culture development.

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