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Strong teams are made up of a core group of people who understand the importance of positive leadership and culture development. By providing opportunities for your people to grow as leaders and focusing on consistent culture shaping, you will be strengthening the core of your organization. 

My leadership workshops are excellent for young teams in start-up mode looking to build a strong foundation or for existing organizations who want to continue to progress in a positive direction. All workshops are customizable to the needs of your organization. 


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A360's signature workshop, MAKE YOUR MARK: CREATING YOUR LEADERSHIP LEGACY, is an interactive presentation that provides strategies, tips, and tools to help young people develop leadership skills. In the program, we explore different aspects of leadership, assess key leadership traits, and provide practical ideas for students to grow their positive leadership brand.

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Culture drives the success of any team or organization and the culture is driven by its leadership. AMPLIFY YOUR CULTURE, is packed full of proven culture-shaping principles and practices that can be applied in any organization to develop a positive team culture. 

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Make Your Mark: Creating Your Leadership Legacy- Morehead State University Football Team

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Dave Sichterman hosting an Arete 360 Building a Culture of Success Workshop

Amplify Your Culture Workshop - DCFCU Grow Your Business Series

Make Your Mark: Creating Your Leadership Legacy Workshop

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