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leadership WORKSHOPS


Teams that grow together experience success together. Strong teams and organizations are made up of a core group of people who understand the importance of positive leadership and culture development. 


My workshops are two-hour interactive professional development opportunities for you or your staff. By providing opportunities for your people to grow as stronger leaders and focusing on consistent culture shaping, you will be strengthening the core of your organization.


A36O's Leadership workshops are excellent for young teams in start-up mode looking to build a strong foundation or for mature organizations looking for a fresh start.
Each workshop may be customized to the needs of the organization, beginning with a
self-examination of challenges and opportunities, and wrapping up with a ready-to-implement action plan.



An Arete 360 Book Review is a focused 1.5 hour session summarizing and discussing key points of a popular leadership or personal development book.


Examples of books reviewed include: 

Creating Magic 

by Lee Cockerell

The Power of Positive Leadership 

by Jon Gordon


The Happiness Advantage 

by Shawn Achor


Each month in this series, I present the program in an interactive and engaging format that encourages participants to examine the ideas and concepts from that month's book and how they could be applied in their own leadership development.  


Attending one of my Arete 360 Book Reviews is a great way for professionals to continue learning new leadership principles and strategies without having to commit to reading the book. Book reviews are great networking and client relations activities as well.


If your organization is looking for a fresh meeting topic or professional development activity, consider a hosting a Arete 360 Book Review as a team building opportunity to ignite leadership growth among your people.

LEADERSHIP workshops

Dave Sichterman hosting an Arete 360 Building a Culture of Success Workshop

Grow Your Business Workshop, Building a Culture of Success.

"No matter what your current ability is, effort is what ignites
that ability and turns it into accomplishment."

Carol Dweck, Ph.D.

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