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A360's foundational leadership coaching program Elevate Your Impact, an interactive leadership coaching program for educators, emerging leaders, coaches, business leaders, and school administrators is a six-session coaching program for someone looking to increase their influence and grow their positive leadership legacy using the most effective leadership theories, principles, and strategies.

Elevate Your Impact will provide you with support through structured positive leadership training and coaching that maximizes engagement with an experienced coach. 


In this program, as your coach, I become your guide as you grow your skills, your team, and your leadership legacy. The methodology of Elevate Your Impact provides a jumpstart for emerging leaders and can ignite the spark in seasoned leaders. 


  • Six coaching sessions set at a pace that works best for you.

  • Flexible format allows for maximum customization to your needs and interests.

  • Content that is time-tested as well as innovative.

  • Interactive sessions-assessments, case studies, goal-setting, action planning.

  • Provide a leadership brand-building roadmap.

  • Build your own leadership development action plan. 

  • Learn to:

    • Intentionally shape your positive leadership legacy.​

    • Create stronger connections between your team and your clients.

    • Lead a team culture that drives sustained success.


Session 1: Assessing and Visioning

  • Complete a leadership assessment and review.

  • Create your leadership vision statement, define your leadership legacy.

Session 2: Exploring Your Career Path and Goal-Setting

  • Leadership and career SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

  • Current situation, education, skills, and mentors.

  • Leadership observations and role models.

  • Personal development opportunities and interests.

Session 3: Establishing Your Leadership Brand

  • Becoming the ideal leader-humble, hungry, and smart virtues.

  • Define your core values.

  • ABC's of Branding.

  • Creating a physical presence to be followed.

Session 4: Leading the Culture of Your Team

  • Connecting, communicating, and creating.

  • Culture development actions: temperature checks, 1 on 1's, and feedback.

Session 5: Leading Now

  • Finding opportunities to lead in your current situation.

  • Exploring training and education opportunities.

  • Applying small leadership techniques now.

Session 6: Charting the Course of Your Leadership Journey

  • Adjust your goals as needed.

  • Create a leadership journey action plan.

  • Moving forward now-your immediate next step.



Six One-on-One Elevate Your Impact Coaching Sessions

Dave Sichterman Arete 360

"Learn as if you were going to live forever, and live as if you were going to die tomorrow"

John Wooden

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