Leadership doesn't have to be as isolating or as daunting as it sometimes seems. A36O's foundational leadership coaching program, Elevate Your Impact: An Interactive Leadership Coaching Program for Educators, Emerging Leaders, Coaches and Business Leaders is a six-session coaching program for leaders looking to increase and grow their positive leadership legacy using the most effective leadership theories, principles, and strategies.

In this program, I become your partner in growing your skills, your team, and your leadership legacy. Elevate Your Impact provides a jumpstart for emerging leaders and can reignite the spark in seasoned leaders. 


  • ​Intentionally shape your positive leadership legacy.

  • Create stronger connections between your team and your clients.

  • Lead a team culture that drives sustained success.

  • Build your own leadership development action plan.


Six coaching sessions that provide a leadership brand-building roadmap:

  • ​Introduction to the Coaching Process

  • Define Your Leadership Style and Set the Path

  • Creating Awareness of Yourself and Others

  • Connecting and Communicating with Your Team

  • Leading Your Team

  • Your Action Plan

Content that is time-tested as well as innovative.

Flexible format and pace that allows for maximum customization to your needs and interests.

Interactive sessions: assessments, case studies, goal-setting and action planning.

"Learn as if you were going to live forever, and live as if you were going to die tomorrow"

John Wooden

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Arete 36O's vision is to create a world of positive leaders who inspire and energize others to do the same.

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