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leadership training



For businesses and non-profit organizations my corporate education program is a hybrid of corporate leadership curriculum and additional content from my personal library.


This course meets seven times for

90 minutes over a six-month period and can be hosted at your worksite.  This program features multiple delivery and learning methods. Expected results of this program include improved leadership effectiveness, more engaged personnel and an enhanced

mission-driven culture within the organization.


You can also expect lively discussion and thoughtful interactions in each session. The goal is to not only learn from the materials but from the

other participants as well. 




My Emerging Leader Development program is a confidential

one-on-one program that is custom designed to develop new managers and/or prospective leaders within an organization.


In weekly sessions with me, the emerging leader will study best business practices, management principles, and leadership principles to fuel lively discussion.


Each emerging leader program begins with the client taking an Extended DISC Analysis to create awareness of natural leadership styles and comfort zones.  Also, if the emerging leader is being sponsored, the sponsoring CEO/Manager receives quarterly updates from me highlighting progress and accomplishments and next steps

in the program. 




I consider myself an ambassador of sport. I believe sports offer the optimal arena for teaching and learning life’s lessons and developing leadership skills in young athletes.


Most great teams have great coaches but even more importantly they are made up of great leaders, those that coach and those that play.  Everyone on a team can be a leader, whether they are the best athlete or a role player. Leadership is defined as positive influence and the more leaders a team has, the more successful the team will be.  


My Sports Leadership Training program can be customized to meet your team's needs and areas of focus for the season. Weekly or monthly programs or one-off interactive leadership workshops are available for an entire team and/or a team's leadership group.  Each training program is built on best practices by great coaches, athletes, business leaders and leadership experts.

Sports leadership training is an impactful supplement to strengthen a coaching staff's message to the team.

Dave Sichterman, Arete 360, presenting Developing a Team of Positive Leaders to the Morehead State University Football Team

Dave with the Morehead State University Football Team, Growing Your Team Through Positive Leadership.

"The key to greatness is to look for people’s potential and spend time developing it."

Peter Drucker

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