Email marketing is the most effective and efficient form of digital marketing. Consistency in messaging, timing, and branding is what makes email marketing so successful. A360's Marketing for Success: Marketing and Coaching Program combines digital marketing services and business coaching helping leaders stay focused on what they do best, running their business. Strategically written email messages along with analytics to measure impact and a monthly business coaching session will give you the tools to move your business forward. Experience the growth that you have been looking for! Give me a call to talk about your business needs. 

Here's what is included in the full program:


  • A 9O-minute monthly business development and marketing coaching session

  • Four custom-branded sales emails written for your target audience (1 per week)

  • Set-up and management of email campaigns using your CRM and email marketing account

  • Monthly analytics report and client list updates

  • Unlimited phone calls, emails and texts to me as your coach

This program is flexible, as is pricing for select services. Customize your services based on your current needs or budget. 

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